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Seriously Sensitive DIY Deodorant

So, in the past, I went from using my homemade deodorant for a whole year and spreading the word that this recipe was the best stuff out there!   Until I saw issues of irritation from the baking soda.  I swore by the deodorant because it NEVER gave me issues!!!!  I was almost out of my first batch when I started to develop an itchy, burning rash that turned into almost a scab under my armpit.  Really?  I used it for a whole year!!!!! So, to heal the scabs, I used my trusted L’BRI aloe jelly and used straight coconut oil for some added protection while I was taking a break from this irritating stuff.  After I healed it (only took like 3 days),  I made a whole new batch (of the same stuff).   I thought, well it must be because the baking soda made its way to the bottom of the container throughout the year and I was getting mostly baking soda…

The itchy scab reappeared under my arms.  Weird.  So I attempted less baking soda in the recipe and called it “sensitive deodorant recipe”… It still gave me the same problem.  I then withdrew my post on my “sensitive deodorant recipe” in fear that someone else would try that batch.  I did my research and just ended up throwing together a few simple ingredients.  I have been using this now for over 3 months!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!

There is a lot of research on the internet telling you how bad aluminum is for you.  So, I won’t go there on this post.  It is way cheaper to make this stuff at home and way better for you.

So, here is the recipe!

5 Tbs 100% Pure Coconut Oil (found at my local health food store),
4 Tbs Arrowroot Powder (found at my local health food store),
5 drops of Vitamin E Skin Oil (found at Walmart),
few drops of Clove Essential Oil (found at my local health food store).

See HERE for the many benefits on Coconut Oil.
Arrowroot powder helps absorb perspiration, is gluten free and the best part has no hormonal inhibitors.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.
Clove Essential Oil has many benefits including antiseptic properties, kills bacteria, has high antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory.

What I did was put it into a little double boiler to prevent it from getting too hot, but you could put it directly on the stove and watch it closely until it melts.  It doesn’t take long.  Even the heat of your fingers melts it.  Add the coconut oil first and wait until it melts to add the arrowroot powder… mix until it all dissolves.  Then take off the burner, add the Vitamin E and your essential oil.  Mix well.  Be careful, I read somewhere that citrus makes your hair grow!  I was careful to NOT put that in my deodorant.  I really don’t care to shave twice a day.  At first I didn’t like the clove, but it grew on me after a short while.  It has a nice light smell to it.

Stick it into an old disinfected baby food jar and keep in a cool place.  You will know if it is too hot, it will start to melt.  I tried disinfecting an old deodorant container, but as soon as it touched my skin, it melted all over the place down the sides of the tube wasting product.  All you need is a little dab under each armpit like you see here.

I love my deodorant!  How many of you can actually say that?


Easy Sprouts in 4 days!!!

This was my first attempt at Sprouts and I am sooo excited to try different kinds.  I started with Alfalfa Sprouts since they are well known… But I have broccoli, radish and wheat waiting for me!

This was pretty easy and fun watching it grow like a Chia Pet!!!!  Here is how you do it.

I got my seeds from  Visit for tons of nutritional information on alfalfa sprouts.  Alfalfa is great for arthritis, high blood pressure and is considered an immune booster.

NIGHT BEFORE… Put 2 Tbs of Alfalfa Seeds in a Mason Jar with a lid that has a bunch of holes in it.  I used my Magic Bullet Cup with a Shaker Lid.  It worked perfect! Add enough water to cover the seeds.  Tap the cup or jar so that all the seeds fall to the bottom.  Let sit out of the sun.

DAY 1 (am)…  Drain the water through the holes and tap the seeds so they spread out along one side of the jar like so…  Put back on counter out of the sun, but put them on an angle to drain… I used a bowl with a paper towel to catch the drainage.  Make sure you leave room for the air to move freely through the jar.

DAY 1 (pm)…  Fill with water and drain them again.  Remember to spread seeds along the side of the jar again.  Put back on counter out of the sun.

DAY 2 (am)… It’s starting to GROW!!!!!  Fill with water (I liked to spray a few sprays of Diluted Basic H just to make sure no bacteria was growing on them.  I shook them up a little and then drained it.  Then I filled it back up with water and drained it again to get the Basic H off.  Put back on counter out of the sun, change the paper towel again, if needed.

DAY 2 (pm)… Fill with water and drain them again.  Keep out of sun.

DAY 3 (am)… Fill with water.  Drain.  Put back on counter out of the sun, change the paper towel again, if needed.

DAY 3 (pm)… Fill with water and drain them again.  They will be pretty thick by now.  If there is no room in the jar, pull half out and place into a new jar and spread along the sides.  Keep on counter out of sun.

DAY 4 (am)… HOLY MOLY SPROUTS!!!!  Pull them out and put them in a bowl full of water.  Swish your clean hand in the water to break up the shells.  It will form a line all the way around the edges of the bowl.  Then pull the clean de-shelled sprouts out of the bowl.  You can even rinse under water to get some more of the brown shells off.  Put them in the window sill to get a little sun and turn them green.  If you think of it, turn them mid day so the sun reaches the other side.  Keep them at an angle to drain.

DAY 4 (pm)… You should see a lot of green on them by now.  Rinse one last time with Basic H, rinse the Basic H off and then they should be ready to eat!

THAT’S IT!  It is so fun watching them grow!

Here is the quick cheat sheet guide.

Night Before… Soak, tap seeds down, let sit at least 8 hours

DAY 1 am…  Pour water out and let it finish draining, keep out of sun

DAY 1 pm…  Rinse, drain, keep out of sun

DAY 2 am…  Rinse with Basic H, rinse again, drain, keep out of sun

DAY 2 pm…  Rinse, drain, keep out of sun

DAY 3 am…  Rinse, drain, keep out of sun

DAY 3 pm…  Rinse, drain, split up into another jar (if needed), keep out of sun

DAY 4 am…  Remove Shells, drain, place in the sunlight

DAY 4 pm…  Rinse with Basic H,  rinse again,  drain, eat, enjoy!

Store in the refrigerator when they are ready!  You can reuse a strawberry container from the store so it can get air flow.


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DIY Almond Milk

I can honestly say, I have never tried almond milk from the store…  I decided to try this recipe for 2 reasons.  It looked fun and I just know how unbelievably expensive alternative milks are.  Of course, my inspiration came straight from Jillee!  LOVE HER, by the way.

Vegetarians in Paradise has a ton of information on Almonds and it’s benefits.  Almonds are high in protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin E and magnesium.  It’s powerful antioxidants are considered high in cancer fighting properties.  Most of the fat in almonds is mono-unsaturated and considered beneficial fat.  They also contain potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and trace amounts of the B vitamins, thiamin and riboflavin.

Good thing I looked up this information!  That gives this project the added nudge to do it again and again!

I will have to say though… Feedback from the kids and husband was NOT good.  I heard a lot of “What is that??” and gagging and “don’t ever give that to me again” from the husband who I caught off guard when I said “Try this”!!!

Well, I still think that you should try it in some smoothies or green drinks where you can still get the benefits of all the nutrients but not taste it.  Personally, it was not that bad for my taste because I made it myself and knew (kind of) what to expect.

Here is what I did!  Easy Peasy!  (what does that even mean? lol)

Take 1 cup of almonds and soak overnight in a bowl.  I put them on a shelf in a cupboard to keep my crazy home full of kids, husband and animals out of it.  🙂

Then they will be plump in the morning!  See?  Just dump out the water, it will be gross looking.

I rinsed them at this point because I like to be sure they are clean.  Put them in a blender with 3-4 cups clean purified water.

See how dirty the water is still?  Probably could have rinsed them longer, but oh well!  Blend on HIGH until it looks like it is pretty smooth.  You will still see little specks in the milk.

Now for straining… I went out to buy potato sack bags in the kitchen section for the next batch which I can’t wait to make!   I tried using a strainer and it was so thick that it did not drain that fast… See first photo…  So, I tried a coffee filter… lol  DID NOT WORK.   NO NEED FOR A PHOTO!!!!  I only had a really really tiny cotton cloth that I used in the 2nd photo… It worked, but it was a struggle to make sure it didn’t pour out the sides.  I wish I had a bigger piece of linen to squeeze more at one time.  The 3rd photo shows the almond meal… Save that, I will tell you what to do with it at the end.

When you are done squeezing the milk out.  Taste the milk and don’t gag because this stuff is like gold.  To help the taste, add a pinch of Salt, and 2 tsp of Honey… I would add more honey, for sure.

You could add this in your coffee (not sure I would because I am particular to my creamer).  You could add chocolate (that just might do the trick!) or add to your smoothies!

NOW for the Almond Meal… Here is what 1 cup of almonds made…

Just preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Put in in for 15  min and then mix, break down chunks and check every 5 min after that, for crispiness.  You will see it brown on the sides.  I took my slotted spatula and swished it side to side to break up the chunks.  It did a great job.  You will feel how tacky (damp) it is still… just put it in a while longer.

I used mine to top my salads with… You could also throw it in your smoothies, add it to yogurt… The possibilities are endless.  I LOVE it on my salads.  Freeze any leftovers.

That’s it for now!  I hope you liked this post!  It was fun and now that I have my potato sack bags, I am even more excited to try this again!!!!