Survival Tips for One-Income Households

Easy Way to Pickle! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!

I used to work for The Fireside in Fort Atkinson, WI a long time ago and they used to have pickled brussle sprouts that I just could not stop eating… shhhh  lol  I craved them for many years and looked for them periodically to see if they carried them.  I craved them so badly that I came up with this idea.  AND GUESS WHAT???   IT WORKED!!!!

Just before you are about to run out of pickles, go ahead and buy fresh organic Brussel Sprouts (they are the best!!!).  You can get them pretty cheap at the Farmer’s Market in the summer months!

Your pickle jar can be purchased at Walmart in the “Family sized” section.  Believe it or not, it is actually pretty close to the same price as the small jar, but you get an enormous size pickle jar… Plus, the jars are great (once you kill the pickle smell in them, lol) for reuse as a coin jar, storage jar, etc… possibilities are endless!

So, you eat your leftover pickles from the jar for lunch while you boil your brussel sprouts until they are soft (mine took about 10 min)…

When they are soft enough for a fork to slide through, they are done.  Strain them out and run cold water on top of them.

mmmmm, they look so good!  Half really could be eaten for dinner if you would like… They are great with just butter and sea salt on them.  I ate one and put the rest inside my pickle jar.


There is actually a pickle in it still… I couldn’t eat them all up that fast.  That’s ok, though!  It will all taste like pickles soon!  Just refrigerate and pop them in your mouth when ever you want!  If you are serving for a party, they actually taste even better the next day once it marinates a little more.

There you have it!  You could try all sorts of pickled items this way without having to be a chef!

Hope you like my tip for the day!




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-shop at for crazy savings on herbal teas, vitamins, essential oils, etc… It is the cheapest I have seen even with sales and shipping is always under $5. Which isn’t too bad.

-Invest in a tart candle burner… When your store bought $10 candles get too low for you to reach in and light it, put it on the stove in a pot of water on low… When it melts, pour into ice cube trays (wet the tray first with water or spray with oil… let sit for a few hours and pop out of the trays. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag. Reuse the glass jar for organizing something else!


-Unplug the things that you are not using.

-Open the curtains on sunny days or close them in the summer

-Plastic your windows

-Throw a dry towel (or 2, if small load) into your dryer to shorten drying time

-Use White Vinegar as your Fabric Softener

-Use a thermostat that you can program. Wear an extra blanket and turn the thermostat down at night at least 10 degrees.

-Use other appliances instead of the stove. Example… Waffle Maker to make Hash Browns… It takes more energy to heat the stove.

-Reuse your recyclables. Oatmeal containers are great for organizing stuff. Watch my Pinterest page

-Cut your kids hair. I have even cut my own hair. Get detailed instructions on

-Make your own coffee. Splurge only 2 times a year at Starbucks or equal quality coffee shop.

-Talk to me if you are interested in skincare. I sell cheap skincare and know ways to get it even cheaper. Not to mention have samples to try.

-Switch to energy saver light bulbs.

I will continue to post when I can think of any more things.  Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks to saving money.  I am crazy addicted to saving time and money.  lol