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Great Links for your Recyclables!

Spend some time at… There is so much information jammed into this site!  Here are some direct links to Reusing things you have laying around.

1.  Save your old toothbrushes!!!!  Check out this link to see neat ways to use those old brushes!  I also like to clean my lint trap out every time I use my dryer.  I hear that you should really clean your lint trap good (until water can flow through the holes).  If it doesn’t, you have a build up on it from your dryer sheets.  This is considered a fire hazard if the air can not move freely through the holes.  So, I brush hard every time with a toothbrush to get into the holes of the vent (it is a habit now and easier to get a hold of the lint anyways)… I will check it every so often by running water through it too.

2.  Neat ways to reuse those mesh bags your produce comes in!

3.  10 Ways to Craft with Old Sweaters + 5 New Ideas  Also you can make cup cozies and mittens and hats too!

4.  Here is a great resource with TONS of ideas

5.  Reusing Rubber Bands…

6.  Reusing Milk Cartons

Until next time…

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