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Ammmmmmmmazing! Slow Cooker Honey Chicken!

Mother tested, Kid approved, FOR SURE!!!!  Not only are you saving money by NOT ordering Chinese, you can have a similar recipe in your home for a fraction of the cost AND because it is made in the slow cooker???  Yea, saving you time and energy.  Isn’t that what we all want?

This is the first (well close to it), Chinese Chicken Recipe that I can find that didn’t have all sorts of weird ingredients in it.  I loved this!  AND so did my kids!  So much so, I started blogging before I sat down to eat…  I am waiting for the rice to cool a little.  Find original recipe here…

Amazingly, I had mostly EVERY ingredient on hand!  I left out the sesame, but it tastes great anyways!  VERY easy…

It smells and looks AMAZING TOO!!!!  So much so, I put testers for the kiddos on toothpicks just like they do at the mall or grocery store!  he he… my kids got a kick out of that one!

Here are some really happy kids…Have fun trying it yourself!  LOVE IT!!!!

Just waiting for the final approval… My husband!  lol

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