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My Favorite Sites to Save Money

Now that we have established the couponing site… Now I can talk to you about the BEST deals you can find and how addicting it can be when you see the amount of money you are saving…

The number one site that I absolutely LOVE……  I am thrilled that I can receive CASH BACK from my everyday purchases.  Not only can I shop from home, but it benefits me to do so.  The site is TOTALLY free and you are wasting your money if you are not signed up with this.

I will give you an example (my favorite deal), hopefully you can follow me…

We have a large breed dog and and small breed dog.  Food costs a fortune.  We found a better dog food at a local animal feed store.  We could not afford the $50 for the 30lb bag that they sold.  So, we kept buying the smaller bags… WASTING money…  I went through and found the dog food at PetCareRx.  I clicked on the store, it send me directly on my way to getting 12% cash back off my purchase. I did a little research in another window on coupon codes for this site.  I was told that if you click off the site, (x completely out) that a window will pop up offering you a discount of 20% on your order… saving me even more money.  Not only was the SAME 30lb dog food priced at $37 (instead of $50 at the store), but I received 20% off, just by pretending I was leaving the site.  Then after I finish my order, I receive an e-mail from ebates showing me what they will give me back.  Guess what, I just added $4 more to my pocket.  They will send me a check at the end of the month.  I have been with ebates for quite a while.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Free money is always good.

Another site to look up is Upromise.  You can save money at your local supermarket without bringing your coupons.  This is awesome.  They can put it directly on your savers card, so when you scan that at the register, it saves you more money.   Just type in your zip code, find your stores on the list and add your saver card numbers… Sign up for weekly e-mails, click on your coupons you plan to use, print off your shopping list. (one page versus numerous pages of coupons).  Voila!

Till next time…

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