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WOW, I found another use for this natural product!!!! Find out what it healed!

So, I am laying in bed a couple of nights ago in the middle of dreaming, I start itching my foot in my dream… It itched so bad, I started to DREAM ABOUT IT!!!!  It obviously woke me up minutes later.  I couldn’t believe how bad the compulsion was.  It had to have been a spider bite.  What else could it have been?

I am the type of person who WILL NOT wake for anything.  I will not get up to pee unless it is an emergency and even then, I will still wait, lol  I have always been that way.  I usually go back to sleep and wake up at the normal time in the morning.  I don’t sleep well as it is, and I always figure if I move around, I will have an even harder time getting back to sleep. Also, we lock the cats downstairs because they are noisy and meow the whole night when they hear the slightest movement upstairs.

BUT THIS FOOT WAS BURNING IT ITCHED SO MUCH!!!!  This went on for about 30 minutes and the itching just got worse and worse, so I had to get up to first of all, look under the covers to see if this bug was lurking under it to bite me again and to see what I had in the upstairs cabinet for relief.  There is where I found my L’BRI Facial Masque.  I thought, “this will have to do”.  I put it on and INSTANTLY the itch was GONE!  I waited until it dried, put my sock on and went back to sleep.  The bite has never itched since.  This product has got to be one of the best products out there.

Some information about L’BRI.  Their skincare line does not contain any harmful ingredients, dyes, pore clogging waxes, artificial colors or fragrances.  When my mom was dying from cancer, I thought “now this is something I need to look into”.  The first ingredients in all their products down to the foundation is Aloe Vera Barbadensis.  When I say it is the first ingredient, it means that you are getting mostly Aloe Vera in every product.  That is awesome!  They also do not add ANY water to ANY of their products, so they are high in concentration and will last you a very long time.  Most of their products that I use last me about 12-18 months.  You will add water to most of them during use except for the facial masque.

First of all, this Facial Masque gives you an instant face lift when applied in an upward motion all over your face.  It will harden like no other product out there.  It is all natural! It will exfoliate your skin and make your skin so soft and smooth.  It is safe even with troubled skin.  I have Eczema all over my face and this product does not irritate, only heals (thanks to the Aloe Vera!).

Another AWESOME use for the masque and my favorite way to use this product is spot treating my blemishes.  At the first sign that you are getting a blemish, apply a small amount at night and leave it on while you sleep.  Something in this products works miraculously at speeding up your blemish and it is almost gone by the next morning!

I love these products so much that I want to share them with everybody.  So, one lucky reader of my blog will receive a sample of the L’BRI Facial Masque.  YAY!  Give-away!!!!


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2.  Write me a note in the comments below that you are a follower and that will enter you in the drawing!

The winner will be picked Tuesday March 27th by noon (CST). I plan to do a review on more of these amazing products and do more give-aways in the future!  So keep following me!

I can’t stand those giveaways that loop you into buying stuff… So, this is just a very simple, straight forward give-away that I am doing to share great products with other people because I love love love these products and love to see your reaction when you find that unbelievable product that actually works and is not too good to be true!

Now, I should let you know, that because of the jaw dropping results these products have given me, I started to sell L’BRI Pure n’ Natural skincare.  I am a shy person who shakes when she is around groups of people and to speak in front of them, omgosh.  If these products didn’t speak for themselves, I would never be doing this…

With that said… I am not trying to sell to you.  I am only trying to share what I know.  Like I said, these products speak for themselves.  And even after using them for 2 years, I am still amazed by the results and finding new ways (like bug bites) to use them.

Oh yea, and you’re welcome!  Your skin will thank me!  This stuff is like liquid gold… literally!!!  lol  If you do win?  USE THE SAMPLE!!!  lol Don’t just throw it in the drawer with your other samples.  This stuff is worth it.

If you are not a winner this week, but want to try them for yourself, they have a sample pack for free (just pay $6.75 s/h).  That is like a dollar per travel size sample.  You will get the Skincare Trio of your choice (cleanser, freshener and moisturizer),  the Eye Repair Gel, the Facial Scrub, Facial Peel, and the Facial Masque.  The samples will last you just about 3 months if you use it right and if you only wash your face once a day.  HERE is the link to get your own travel pack.  I just keep mine in my travel case and fill it up when they get low so I don’t need to bring the big bottles with me!  Click the link to see the CATALOG.

I also would love to hear your testimonials, so if this is a product you can’t live without, please comment too!  We all want to hear when others find a product that works this good.  So please let us here your results!