Survival Tips for One-Income Households

About Me

Well, having kids is, (let’s face it) CRAZY!!!!  You can never find time for yourself.  Especially in the beginning.  You spend more time changing diapers than you do shaving your legs.

I spent many nights crying uncontrollably (poor husband) because I had no time for myself and no friends.  Some days it was easier, but then the second child was born… a very strong willed child.  My whole world was made a challenge.  Diaper bags, car seats, two sets of everything…  I spent many nights wondering why I couldn’t get on top of things like the mommy next door.  It was tearing me apart!

We were forced to make a decision to move when my husband lost his job shortly after my maternity leave.  We just could never catch up on our mortgage after that.  This was on two incomes!!!!  If only I knew…

In the process, I am actually HAPPY to say that we lost our home to foreclosure.  It was actually the wake up call that I needed to get my life on track.  I had to do something about it.

I am now a stay at home mommy who can easily say that I am living an awesome life and living on one income is really pretty easy…

So, I hope you like my blog… Please leave comments.  I love to hear what others think.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the e-mails on the right hand side to follow me!


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