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For the Scrabble (Words with Friends) Lovers!!!!

on August 1, 2012

I have been playing Scrabble for years.  This has to be the one and only game I will jump up to sit down and play.  Thanks to Words with Friends, I can do this DAILY!!!  Yeeeee!  My sister hates playing me, but thank goodness she still does because I feel like I am a part of her world on a daily basis.  Weird, I know… But she has TWINS!!!  I don’t get to talk to her as often.  So I play her!  (and beat her too)  he he

So, to continue my addiction… I decided to put the old Scrabble board game to new use!  Using what I had laying around the house, here is what I came up with!   I know the Scrabble Lovers out there will love it too!

Now, where do I hang it???  Hmmmm


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