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Seriously Sensitive DIY Deodorant

on July 3, 2012

So, in the past, I went from using my homemade deodorant for a whole year and spreading the word that this recipe was the best stuff out there!   Until I saw issues of irritation from the baking soda.  I swore by the deodorant because it NEVER gave me issues!!!!  I was almost out of my first batch when I started to develop an itchy, burning rash that turned into almost a scab under my armpit.  Really?  I used it for a whole year!!!!! So, to heal the scabs, I used my trusted L’BRI aloe jelly and used straight coconut oil for some added protection while I was taking a break from this irritating stuff.  After I healed it (only took like 3 days),  I made a whole new batch (of the same stuff).   I thought, well it must be because the baking soda made its way to the bottom of the container throughout the year and I was getting mostly baking soda…

The itchy scab reappeared under my arms.  Weird.  So I attempted less baking soda in the recipe and called it “sensitive deodorant recipe”… It still gave me the same problem.  I then withdrew my post on my “sensitive deodorant recipe” in fear that someone else would try that batch.  I did my research and just ended up throwing together a few simple ingredients.  I have been using this now for over 3 months!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!

There is a lot of research on the internet telling you how bad aluminum is for you.  So, I won’t go there on this post.  It is way cheaper to make this stuff at home and way better for you.

So, here is the recipe!

5 Tbs 100% Pure Coconut Oil (found at my local health food store),
4 Tbs Arrowroot Powder (found at my local health food store),
5 drops of Vitamin E Skin Oil (found at Walmart),
few drops of Clove Essential Oil (found at my local health food store).

See HERE for the many benefits on Coconut Oil.
Arrowroot powder helps absorb perspiration, is gluten free and the best part has no hormonal inhibitors.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.
Clove Essential Oil has many benefits including antiseptic properties, kills bacteria, has high antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory.

What I did was put it into a little double boiler to prevent it from getting too hot, but you could put it directly on the stove and watch it closely until it melts.  It doesn’t take long.  Even the heat of your fingers melts it.  Add the coconut oil first and wait until it melts to add the arrowroot powder… mix until it all dissolves.  Then take off the burner, add the Vitamin E and your essential oil.  Mix well.  Be careful, I read somewhere that citrus makes your hair grow!  I was careful to NOT put that in my deodorant.  I really don’t care to shave twice a day.  At first I didn’t like the clove, but it grew on me after a short while.  It has a nice light smell to it.

Stick it into an old disinfected baby food jar and keep in a cool place.  You will know if it is too hot, it will start to melt.  I tried disinfecting an old deodorant container, but as soon as it touched my skin, it melted all over the place down the sides of the tube wasting product.  All you need is a little dab under each armpit like you see here.

I love my deodorant!  How many of you can actually say that?


21 responses to “Seriously Sensitive DIY Deodorant

  1. thebeadden says:

    Bookmarked. Thanks!

  2. thanks for this. my experiment with baking soda and cornstarch deodorant gave me the same rash. I’m going to try this now.

  3. Patty says:

    Thank you for the great receipe. I will have to gather the ingredients and try to make my own. I would like to share an excellent all natural, aluminum free deodorant (i’ve been using for almost 4 months). I’ve tried the salt crystal, Tom’s, etc.. but they seem to work only for so long. However, I have experienced nothing but success with Nutural. After wearing this deodorant all day, and completing my 5 mile run before dinner, there is still NO! stink and no stains on my clothes. I love it.

  4. Kristy says:

    Thank you! I too found the baking soda to be very irritating. I am trying this recipe tonight!

  5. court says:

    Praise God!! Bless you!!! My story is similar to yours. I absolutely loved, no, adored my deo. Then, the horrible irritation happened. O was so hurt because this was the best deo I ever used. So seeing your blog gave me hope. Once I get past this irritation, I am going to use your recipe. I am going to use lavender and tea tree oil. I am so excited!!

  6. court says:

    One question, do you have to melt the coconut oil? Ive never melted mine and it does great. Im so excited!!!

    • ThriftyNut says:

      Just melt enough to mix ingredients well. Doesn’t take long at all. You have to watch it though, you don’t want to heat it too much.

    • ThriftyNut says:

      I suppose you really wouldn’t need to… If you try to mix without heat, let us know how well it worked! I like the Lavender and Tea Tree oil added to it (great for cleansing and healing).

  7. court says:

    Ooh, to help with my irritation, I used coconut oil and I lightly dabbed cornstarch with a makeup brush into my armpits. after I showed, I used aloe Vera gel and rosewater in my armpits and allowed them to dry. Worked wonders.

    • ThriftyNut says:

      Some of my other research on this…

      You could add some Probiotics to the mixture… I am not sure about heating it, if it would keep its live active properties or not. I also can’t wait to try that. I don’t want to do such a big batch of that one though (to make sure it stays fresh). I would probably add the probiotics last or heat the coconut oil just enough to be soft to mix the other ingredients.

      Also adding aloe barbadensis jelly to the mixture, wouldn’t be a bad idea. I guess it would all depend on what you have on hand making sure to use natural ingredients (no added chemicals or preservatives).

      • court says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I will make my batch without heating my coconut oil. I will let you know how it went. Thanks again!!

  8. court says:

    I tried your recipe without melting my coconut oil and it works perfectly. Like you said, just a little bit is all you need. Also, anyone new to deo making, make sure you purchase refind expeller pressed coconut oil. Unrefind does not work at all!!!! Thanks again for this recipe!!!!

  9. Caprylic acid and capric acid contain 8 and 10 carbon atoms in the backbone compared to the 18 of the stearic acid that
    is commonly contained in animal fats. A client recently inquired about
    different coconut oils. When it comes to composition, ordinary coconut oil and virgin and organic coconut oil contain same components, but virgin oil
    contains something more and fresh.

  10. jayne Carle says:

    ooh brilliant i discovered your recipe, i too had the rash from baking soda, a shame as it was working well! Thank you for posting

  11. Kathleen says:

    I’m stinky using this recipe!! I tried adding tea tree oil and more arrowroot powder, but to no avail. Any ideas?

    • ThriftyNut says:

      Did you add the clove oil? It has antibacterial properties that should help with the stinky-ness… I notice that if I wear short sleeve shirts, I have to reapply (as with any store bought deodorant) because it rubs it right off… Try reapplying when you can. The benefits to using this recipe makes it all worth it to me. Otherwise, you could try adding probiotics to the mixture as well. Let us know if it helped!

  12. John says:

    I have been having a problem with armpit rashes lately. I tried using baking soda and discovering that it either helps or increases the problem. I happen to have some coconut oil handy and used it. I didn’t have the other ingredients you had posted. Irritation has gone down tremendously. I use coconut oil for primarily food, but I knew it was good for skin. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. millie says:

    YAY, thank you, I have looked for a good recipe for homemade deo without baking soda and didn’t find one before now. baking soda irritated my underarms to the point of leaving what appears to be permanent damage but i definitely prefer DIY! I can’t wait to try this.

  14. Thanks for sharing such a nice article. i love your writing. your idea is mind blowing that’s why i would like to appreciate your work.

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