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DIY Dishwasher Detergent, DOES IT WORK??? UPDATE…

on April 20, 2012

I apologize to all you loyal readers of mine out there.  I just had a long much needed break from reality (aka life) while my kids were on Spring Break.

There has been something bothering me for some time.  I had great results with my DIY Dishwasher Detergent, but after using this for 2 full batches, my dishes started getting this HORRIBLE residue all over them.  Even my trusty Magic Eraser that works wonders on EVERYTHING, couldn’t get it out.  I ended up throwing out some of my dishes because of it.  My silverware was horrible too.  Everything came out foggy.

Knowing me, I just couldn’t accept that it was my homemade dish detergent that did this.  So, I tried a few things… I went out and bought Jet dry hanger thingys to hang inside my dishwasher.  Unfortunately, it made the situation soooo much worse.  Then I thought filling the rinse dispenser with white vinegar would help until I read the manual that told me NOT to do that because vinegar is so acidic that it will eventually eat away at the machine.  Well, there goes my plan at saving some extra money.  At that time, we started hearing all sorts of crunching going on while washing making me think that some plastic or metal was inside the machine that couldn’t work itself out.  I thought well that must be it!  Also, the CLEAN light started flashing.  I referred to the manual and it told me that I had to call a service man at that point.   So, my handy dandy husband of mine, got on his hands and knees and tore the whole dishwasher apart and found some plastic lurking at the bottom.   (My service man, gotta love him!!)

I was so afraid to talk to my husband in fear that maybe me saving money would lead to ruining our nice fairly new dishwasher, that I kept my mouth shut and thought that I would just go back to the old store bought dishwasher detergent… But if anyone knows me, I can’t NOT talk about stuff that is bothering me.  So, we talked about it! lol  He told me to quit using it.  I agreed…

…Until my brain started brainstorming again!  I thought, maybe if it is in a liquid form, it would work!  So, I added water to my container of DIY Dishwasher Detergent and Voila!!!!  I started another load to see if it would work.  My dishes came out clean!  I was so happy I thought of it…

…Until the next day I needed more DIY Dishwasher Detergent.  I went to the container and it hardened into a rock… LITERALLY…  I even added some water ontop of it and left it sit over night again.  It wouldn’t budge!  I will tell you… This experiment will answer my questions of why I had residue all over my dishes, it will tell me why I could not get it off…  See the photo?  I can’t even get the scoop out it is sooo hard.  I tried pushing the back like an ice cube tray and it wouldn’t work either.  A knife won’t even puncture a hole in it.  So sad to see this container and scoop go in the garbage.

Of course, my brain is still working on figuring out a good dish detergent in the liquid form.  I will keep you updated if I come across one I want to try.

This outcome with the dish detergent makes me wonder now about my DIY Laundry Soap, since both use basically the same ingredients.  I have been using the DIY Liquid Laundry Soap now for over a month (still on my first batch), I love it.  It drips a lot in the container I am using, so I will try to pour it into something else when I make my next batch.   It mixed really well in the container (gel formed at the top).

I wonder if a liquid form of the dishwasher detergent could be made in the same way using the steps of the Liquid Laundry Soap  found HERE…  Hmmmm, can you see my brain brainstorming?

Until next report…  Please let me know if you found something that works.


15 responses to “DIY Dishwasher Detergent, DOES IT WORK??? UPDATE…

  1. ThriftyNut says:

    So, I see a post here on using Octagon Soap for a liquid version. I am REALLY wanting to try that one. Plus, it only uses 1 Tbs of the Washing Soda… I will be on a hunt to see if I can find this stuff at Walmart or somewhere in the area and report back to you!

  2. I wonder if you “nuked” the hardened stuff if it would melt?

    • ThriftyNut says:

      lol, do you recognize the container? Sorry Felicia. he he he… I will try to stick it in a pot of warm water and see… If that doesn’t work, I will try microwaving it.

  3. Your dishes have a weird film on them yes? This is hard water deposits and I have the same thing. You need to buy bulk citric acid and add 1 Tbsp per load to your dishwasher. I posted a recipe on my blog if you need help. Since you have a build up of hard water minerals in your machine, I would recommend that you put about 1/4 cup of citric acid in the machine and run it empty to clean it out good. Then use 1 Tbsp of your homeade detergent together with 1 Tbsp of citric acid. I buy my citric acid at a candle-making store for cheap…..

  4. I was getting a film on my dishes too after several washes with my homemade dishwasher soap. I just washed one load with some store bought stuff and they were all sparkly clean again. So I use my homemade soap for about five loads then one with store bought. Solved my problem and it’s still stretching the dollar.

    • ThriftyNut says:

      thanks! I was kinda doing that already… Once the film started, I freaked out and backed off almost all the way and only used the homemade once and a while.

  5. Sarah says:

    I made my own and had the same results. I also tried dish soap with hot vinegar to clean my shower door and chrome which I HIGHLY don’t recommend. It left a residue that I can’t get off. Just a tip in case you saw the same thing on pinterest.

  6. […] DIY Dishwasher Detergent, DOES IT WORK??? UPDATE… ( […]

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