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Pinterest DIY Essential Oil Recipe in your Crockpot… DOES IT WORK?

on March 30, 2012

I was so excited to see THIS recipe from E-How Health via Pinterest to make your own essential oils using some oil and a Crockpot.  I thought, now this is one I HAVE to try!  My first attempt at an essential oil was with cucumbers… YES, cucumbers.  I LOVE cucumber scented things and couldn’t wait to make my own.  lol

TOTAL fail on my part… Not only did it stink my house up like fried zucchini (though I love the taste, I hate the smell), it made me sick for a few days because I kept thinking the smell would change hours later for some reason and kept sticking my nose in it.  It definitely smelt STRONG… So, it kind of worked!

Knowing me, I couldn’t just let it go… I thought well maybe if I use tangerines, it would work and smell great… So here is my second attempt to this project.

I cut up a bunch of tangerines and let it soak on low heat for about 3 hours.  I pulled the tangerines out about half way through and added some new ones to the batch to see if I could really get a strong smell.  When 3 hours went by, I just got so fed up with it, I threw out the entire batch.  The only thing it smelled like was the oil I put in it with a hint of citrus.

Pinterest FAIL, for sure.  Maybe the flowers would have worked better like the original website I found the idea on, but I really don’t want to try this project a third time.  I think I will try the other essential oil recipes I pinned on Pinterest first.  I don’t really care for flower smells.

Keep tuning in… I am trying Coconut Milk today!  Totally excited for this one!



5 responses to “Pinterest DIY Essential Oil Recipe in your Crockpot… DOES IT WORK?

  1. I love how honest you are about your experiments. I think posting about your fails is just as helpful as posting about the success. I was going to try that essential oil method, now I won’t bother 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Kayta says:

    Pinterest brought me here and although this post is over a year old I have a suggestion that could mean the success of your citrus infused essential oil! The oil from the citrus is in the skin of the fruit. Take a zester and go to town and get all the color off and put THAT in the crockpot. Press down on the fruit and roll it on a hard surface before doing this to really pump up the flavor in the zest too. I’d throw the leftover fruit in for the heck of it too, certainly can’t hurt! If you ever decided to give this another try I hope this makes a difference!

  3. Ali says:

    your cucumber oil may have also worked if you had used only the peel as well like Kayta mentioned about the zest. But, I guess I don’t really know. soaking the zest and herbs and flowers in oil isn’t really pure essential oil though, it is just infused oil.

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