Survival Tips for One-Income Households


on March 29, 2012

Crazy to think that I have been scared to try this recipe out.  One simple ingredient, one appliance to get dirty…

So here are your instructions…

Buy unsalted peanuts.  The Natural Food store down the street told me that there is really no “organic” peanut… Any will do.  That was interesting info to find out.

So, far starters, I bumped into unsalted peanuts from the Family Dollar next door.  SCORE!!!  It was only $2.15!!!!  I am sure in the future, I will want to buy bulk online.  For now, it was great to just try it out!

Break out your food processor, Magic Bullet, or whatever that can chop and pour the peanuts in.  Put about a cup of peanuts in at a time (it will work a lot better and faster with less, trust me)…  you will notice that it will start to mix and look like it is clumping together… Take a peak at it, separate it if you want and run it again… You will see it form a ball and that is when I pulled mine out.  Of course, I tasted mine at this point!  It was pretty creamy… I am sure you could separate it again and then turn on the food processor again to make it creamier… That is up to you.

That’s IT!!!!  So easy, why haven’t I done it in the past!  The best part, I know it is JUST peanuts!  So much healthier… until the jelly is mixed with it!  lol

Here is how much it made from the full container of peanuts.  Not bad!  We enjoyed it for dinner tonight.  I couldn’t wait until lunch tomorrow.

Have fun making your own and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!



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