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A New Way to Cut Strawberries!

on March 8, 2012

So I found this cool trick on Pinterest HERE to Cut Strawberries with a straw and I HAD to try it right away.  Here is how you do it!



Take a Strawberry…




And A Straw

and poke from the bottom up the center and VOILA!  You popped the top leaves of the strawberry right off…

So cool!


PEEK!!!!!  LOVE THIS PHOTO OF MY SON!  Do you see him?  I may just frame it one day!  He He!  Really wish I had better lighting and a better camera.  Some day soon.  I will just tell my husband how important my blog subscribers are to me… lol

So, here is my feedback… I did this with a few other strawberries… Though it was fun, some had bigger leaves than others and it took a couple tries to get the whole top to pop off.  I tried to get my kids to do it and they didn’t seem that interested too… I thought that was strange.  But, maybe it was the wrong time of the day…. AND he was just playing in his Sensory tub, so maybe he was a bit wore out on activities.

I found that it was faster to just cut the rest of the strawberries.  But, I would do this again and impress my guests at a party, maybe.  He He…



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