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Our Chore Game

on February 25, 2012

Oh how I love Pinterest… It has inspired me to Blog again!!! So, I found this awesome project to help get the kids in the mood to clean… And BOY DID IT WORK!!!!  I found two ideas on Pinterest that I thought would mix together… Find one here, HERE and the other HERE,
updated on 03-02-2012

There are a few things that I would like to say about it…  One is to make sure you figure out how long the kids will stay “into” the chore game…  They seemed to be ok doing about 2 things with great attitude and then they would start to whine when they got to the 3rd chore…  I am still perfecting this, so bare with me… I will let you know my progress as I go and let you know if I pull my hair out or if it turns gray!  Lol

So, I saw this post on Pinterest to use a pair of dice to roll which chore you get… I thought the kids would get a kick out of that… And when I saw the dice at the dollar store yesterday, I had to pick them up and start this chore game in my own house!

So, the planning on the chart was very simple… I just used a marker and taped it up on the door. I was really just trying to see how the kids would respond to it… So far so good! I actually like this way better, because I can change it every time we play… If I feel like I need some help, I just think of 6 chores that they can safely do. Write them down, tell them the chores and then we each roll one dice… EVEN ME!!! The boys got a kick out of that one!

Once the chore is done, to MY satisfaction… There are rules! Good attitude and done in a somewhat timely manner (they are kids, you know)… I found a pickle jar in my house waiting for a home! It was the perfect thing to hold their progress! It even had 3 measuring slots… I put tape on each of the lines… One reads $1, the second $2 and the third, $3… To fill the jar… I would like to say that I found something fun like bouncy balls or marbles, but I don’t have those lying around (and my kids would be playing with them anyways)… So, I settled on bird seed. Lol Yes, I said bird seed. I put a ½ cup scoop in the bird seed and whenever they do their chores with a bunch of enthusiasm, I add a scoop for each boy… If they reach the $1 line, they have the choice to cash in, or wait for the $2 slot… It will be interesting to see if this is what they will choose. I am still debating whether I want two separate jars, one for each. I can already foresee fighting happening. So, I think I will make a second one tomorrow.

Cleaning Kitchen FloorHere is my son working hard at our chore game! He was off to clean by himself… Gave him some Basic H and told him not to spray it on himself (but if it did, it is non-toxic and wouldn’t hurt him anyways—even if he swallowed it)… So, I helped my other son in the mean time get started on vacuuming. He also got a kick out of helping me for the very first time.

I just watched him very closely and told him not to vacuum the curtains, toys or wires. He listened very well! I had fun watching him and helping him do my weekly chores. I thought, WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR!!???!!

Vacuum Happy

Not only that, but we had a visitor over today who was pulling toys out and my oldest turned into ME!!! He was getting so frustrated that there was a mess! Lol So, plan has been successful! I also caught him asking if we could play the game again later that night. YAY!!! We will see how long this lasts! Pinterest? You have seriously outdone yourself. Thank you for keeping everything Pinteresting! I feel so inspired!


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