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Great Sites for Creative Inspiration

on February 25, 2011

Below are a list of my favorite sites if you are the creative type… or not so creative but would love to learn a few things on how to do a project.

CUT OUT AND KEEP THIS IS MY FAVORITE SITE  This is one of the coolest sites I have discovered so far.  It is an unbelievable list that goes on and on with “how to” craft tutorials on just about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!  No joke, stop by and you will be absolutely amazed that you got this information FOR FREE!!!!!

YOU TUBE As posted in my last blog… Awesome resource for making items on a budget or to start your creativity flowing.

FAVE CRAFTS This is an awesome site on free patterns for crocheting, sewing, knitting, candles, glass, painting, pet crafts, wedding crafts, wood crafts, quilting, leather crafts, storage and organization crafts, etc…

LION BRAND YARN This is a great site to not only get some free patterns for crochet/knitting, but to purchase yarn through as well…  BUT… I know you will want to be smart and go through Ebates and find JoAnn Fabrics (or even WalMart to save even more–no shipping) instead, right?

That’s it for now!  Have fun getting creative!

Update… Newest member to the creative family….
PINTEREST  This is by far my most favorite website.  I have to say that it is an information highway and you can be lost in creative heaven for hours if you do not control yourself.  lol  Finally a place to spark your creativity and have a “place” to put all your ideas and your DIY projects.  You are able to bookmark “PIN” your favorite websites and view MANY of your friends bookmarks “PINS”.  They are put into categories of your choice in which anyone has the choice to follow you or your individual categories.  Very addicting and FUN!


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