Survival Tips for One-Income Households


on February 15, 2011

The best advice I have for you is to join the  They have a section on how to coupon, easy videos, WHAT to save at your stores in your area and how to double up on coupons to maximize your savings and how much you will spend.  I especially like the Walgreens and Walmart savings.

Once you familiarize yourself with the site, you will find how useful it is.  Not only does it tell you weekly the items on sale, it will tell you the best coupons to use, how to use them and where to find the coupons.  Lucky for you, ALL the work is done.  Just sign up for the weekly e-mails and they will let you know when to log in and print off the new available coupons from your computer.  Easy.

I found through trial and error that I can pick up a newspaper (Sunday paper) at Walmart for 99cents weekly.  I just have to remember to go.  I don’t clip ANY coupons (of course I page through them to see what is there)…  What I do is fold a piece of paper in half and write the date that the paper was issued.  You will need a spot to organize these.  Just keep the coupons the way they came (Red Plum, etc…).  The site will tell you the date and the specific coupon book that it was issued from.  (Easy as pie to go back and clip one coupon when needed instead of a clipping mess and paper everywhere.  Throw out the coupon book, just keep your printed coupons (from the computer) in a folder or 3 ring binder and page through before you go to the store.


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